Monday, November 7, 2011

Yet another score, at the thrift store! hey that rhymed....

My friend had decided to completely transform one of the rooms in her house into her "blog" room. We planned and planned for the transformation and by the end of the night, we were no closer to actually deciding what she wanted to do than before we even started. There were only 2 things that we were completely sure about; the first was that we knew for sure was that we were completely overwhelmed and exhausted. The second, was we really wanted to utilize our new found hobby, thrift store shopping, to it's fullest.

So we decided to hit the local Goodwill, right down the street from my house.

We were in the store for about 5 minutes when I heard her call my name. I walked over to their furniture section and saw her sitting on a floral print love seat. I couldn't help but laugh. I knew exactly what she was thinking. "It's ugly, but its perfect!" We both laughed and talked about how we could use a slip cover to cover the slight rips on the sides.

Before I could say anything else she moved and sitting right next to the couch was this hideous chair I couldn't look away from. It was awesome! (Before I continue, I would like to say that my fiance and I have two couches in our living room, one being a small love seat, but sadly bricks hold up the middle of one.) I knew exactly where I was going to put it, and what my argument was going to be for why we needed it.

So here is the new addition to our living room. Its comfortable and the pattern has grown on me.

Overall the trip was a complete score for both of us. But, in general I felt the prices and actual "items" (excuse my lack of a better term) were lacking. Compared to the other four stores we went to, one being another Goodwill only a few mins away, this stores prices seemed steep. The content of the store seemed pretty sparse and dull, as well. But never the less, we came out victorious.