Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lighted wreath for the Holidays

Since I got my tree yesterday I really wanted to make a live wreath for the holidays, so I grabbed the excess branches from the in-laws tree and the rest of our tree to tie together for a wreath. Thats about as far as I got, before I got a call from my mom. She really wanted to make a new wreath and get a few new decoration for her tree, so we headed to Michael's and started going crazy!
Since all of their Christmas decorations were 50% off and their lights were 40% off she bought a plain wreath, decorations and a string of battery operated lights. Since I wasn't sure how everything was going to turn out I didnt take pictures from the beginning, but did snap a few when it started to turn out. So much for faith in myself. haha. learned my lesson.

A few of the decorations on the wreath:


If you look at the decorations they all had a longer stem with wire in them, so they can be bent around things. The premade plain wreath that my mom picked up had to main frames that each decoration could be wrapper around.

I laid the decorations out on the wreath the way we thought would look best. Once everything was exactly how we wanted it we started to secure the decorations one-by-one to the frame. For the longer decorations I used fine wire, to pull tight and tie around the frame. You could you a glue gun, for small decorations that might not be able to reach the frame.

Once the decorations were added I then placed the lights on top of the wreath, weaving the wire through out the branches. I tried to keep all the lights close to the top so they would be seen. The box fit nicely in between the two wires of the frame. Since the lights are battery controlled the box has an on/off switch that are still easy to get to.

Here is a picture of the finished wreath with the lights turned off:

Here is the wreath with the lights on (sorry for the picture quality):

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