Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Letter to self

( I wrote this a LONG time ago, and every so often look back on it. It still helps. Some things have changed, but the message is still very loud and clear. Thank you self.)

Dear self,

I complied a few of the things that await you in the few months you have left away from them. Hope you enjoy. And please keep in mind, that this adventure is for your growth not a punishment. You know we both need this.

(passion, simplicity and chaos)

(beautiful downieville)

(uncontrolable, untamable and unchangable)

(baby boi)

(love, heartbreak and possibilities)

(dorm buddies and close friends)

(support, sharing and truth)

(complete randomness)

(the mystery, the unknown and the release )

Try not to worry so much. Times are going to seem so long, but just remember that things are going to be how they will be. I know all you want to do is feel something other than emptiness, but it will come in time. I dont know what your going to do, or whats going to happen to your world, but you make it what it is. Trust yourself, even if you feel lost. Take one day at a time and remember who you are.




(to you...these ones arn't for me...)

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  1. Love this!! The pics tell a GREAT story!