Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Direction of this blog

I'm not entirely sure what direction I want this blog to take. But I do know, that if it is anything like its creator, it will be fun and a WHOLE LOT of random. I guess the title of the blog suites amazingly. Over the next few days, I'll be dealing more with blog designs and fiddling with ideas, than actual posts, but please check back as often as you would like! Goodnight my lovelies, Tomorrow brings new things and new ideas.


  1. Thank you for joining Ribbons, Lace, and Inspiration, I welcome you to blogland!! love your posts and have fun with designing your blog. I sure know I do..but that is the fun of it too!
    My name is Tiki, and I am your newest follower.....

  2. Thank you very much for following! Im still new so im trying to mess around with everything, but that's what's so fun. Haha. Hope you enjoy your day and check back soon for more posts. Thanks again!