Sunday, November 20, 2011

This is my first DIY project, YAY!

I saw this look on Pinterest, and was really blown away by how pretty AND easy it was to do. Ill show you how to do it step by step. (please excuse my cuticles, I'm not great at doing my nails.)

1. Take off any fingernail polish already on/ clean your nails.

2. Decide whether you want a base coat of color or if you want to leave your nail bare under the designs.
   (I love this brand of nail polish. It dries quick, 
and lasts the longest for me)
3. Apply color if you decided on a base color.

4. Take a shot glass and pour a half shot of vodka. (I also read somewhere you can use rubbing alchohol, but I haven't tried that way.)
5. Place your fingernail in the vodka and count to 5. Make sure to get ALL of your nail in the vodka.

6. Take your small pieces of newspaper or phone book, and place one square on your nail. (I cut all of the pieces out before I start my nails.)

7. Let the paper soak up the vodka, but not completely dry out.

8. Slowly and carefully peel the paper off and BE AMAZED.
I really like the rustic look of the phone book font, 
and the fact it doesn't look all fresh and crisp.

9. Apply a top coat of clear to keep it looking fresh for days!

You can choose any style font, from any kind of paper as long as its jet-ink applied. I also think that without a base coat the ink will transfer to our nails better for a cleaner look. I prefer the aged look though.

Get creative and change up the colors and fonts. Your nails, Your way!


  1. Love it!!! I might have to do that with mine :]

  2. Hey girlie!!! I love your blog as well! Thank you so much for commenting on my entry, I LOVE this DIY btw! I am now following you! :)