Saturday, November 5, 2011

4 thrift stores later

Today We ventured from Vallejo back to Fairfield, hitting all the thrift stores and Goodwills we could possibly find. 4 hours later and 4 stores past 8am this morning, the trunk was full and our moods were soaring. Each of us found things that we had been wanting, along with a few treasures we never even though existed. And, I may stand corrected, but believe that we each picked up 1 or 2 items the other was jealous of. I know mine was the owl piggy bank that was purchased for $5.00 from the Vallejo Eco-thrift, an amazing store by the way. Below are the finds that I will be proud to wear out.

1. I love the pattern of the shirt. It fits awesome, and it was only $4.

2. This blazer caught my eye right off the bat. At first I wasn't so sure how I would pull it off, since I don't venture out very far from my sweatshirts and button up shirts. But when i tried it on it just melted onto me. I knew just then I needed to try things out of my comfort zone. Plus the pattern and colors are a combo that I love together. A steal at $10.
 2. (cont.) this is a close up of the patter to the blazer in picture 2.
3. My Micheal Jackson jacket. This was another piece of clothing that I wasn't sure of on the hanger. I originally picked this out for my friend, but it started to grow on me. After she said she was going to pass on it, I tried it on and instantly fell in love with it. An amazing buy at only $20. 
 4. I pulled this jacket off the rack and slipped it on, and new right away I was going to snag it. It fits perfect and is in awesome condition. Its also made by London Fog, so new I was running away with it at only $12.
 5. I was already wearing a jacket when we started shopping, but its a giants light weight jacket, that I LOVE, but doesn't really make me feel feminine. I wasn't planning on getting this light blouse/jacket, but once i put it on in front of the mirror and saw it went great with what I already had on it was sold. $12.
 6. I have wanted a long jacket for SO long, but whenever I saw one in a store, that I liked, it was always way more than I really wanted to pay. And when I went to thrift stores I could never find anything that I really liked or that fit right. Till today! $13.
7. I wanted to really transform something that I purchased, so once I saw this candle holder I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to add a little sand to the bottom and place a tea candle in it. It is now my nightlight for when I sleep alone. It's energy efficient. The tea light will burn for about 1.5 hours, so no plug in required. $.99 (score!)
 7. (cont.) After I added the sand and candle.

 8. The last but not least great find of the day, is this vintage style purse that I found. It has a long chain strap that i can wear around my neck, or I can tuck the chain inside and use the little handles for a clutch style look. This really caught my eye with all the sparkly (shingles?) that make up the bag part. This is probably by far, my favorite find! $12.
8. (cont.) This is a close-up of the bag itself with the handles down if I want to use the chain. 
8. (cont.) Here is a look at the inside of the bag. Its in great condition with no tears. 
8. (cont.) A close up of the latch that holds it closed and opens when lifted up. Its SO cute!
Over all I believe I made out like a bandit. Next weekend is going to bring more treasures as we found out the thrift store sale schedule... Have fun tonight my lovelies! Stay safe and shop smart!

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  1. I DEF think we both made out really good!! And Ms.Hoo is doing just fine ;]