Monday, February 20, 2012

3d Canvas painting

My friend has been feeling really down lately, and I haven't had much motivation/time to do any fun DIY projects.

LED nail set

Lately I have been into painting and designing my nails. But working at the animal shelter reaked havoc on my polish. Sometimes the polish wouldn't even last a whole day. So when I saw the LED activiated nail polish I was really interested in how it worked, how long it REALLY lasted, and how easy/affordable it was.

I did some research online about the difference between LED and UV light polish. From what I got it wasn't much except the cost of bulbs. Each requires a base and top coat and special lighting.

For me, my local Walmart made the desiscion for me about which I would try. They had a kit specifically for the LED polish.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tomorrow's To-Do list

1. Thundershirt for Panda
2. Circular dog bed for large metal bucket
3. PVC pipe suspended dog bed
4. V-day Card