My Life

My life is truly a handful of random things and lots of pictures. 

1. I enjoy making lists of things; chores, shopping, anything. They are straight to the point and less messy. 
2. I love to bake, well actually pretend I can bake. Recipes will more than likely make it to the blog. Along with pictures. 
3. I love to thrift shop, but have recently rediscovered the amazing deals they often have. 
4. Animals are a huge part of my life. The only time I was without some sort of companionship was the first 2 months of my freshman year in college. That cherry was popped by the little turtles my friend gave me. Rick and bob. (yes, my lack of imagination for names was at an all time high)
5. I love things extra un-ordinary. 
6. I have an obsession for things in pairs. Nothing must be lonely I suppose. 
7. My clothing style is....well...un-explainable. Its just...what it is. 
8. Painting my nails has recently become an awesome and cheap way for me to express myself. 
9. I enjoy Sundays because of co-ed softball and fantasy football. Sigh...
10. I'm very competitive, so some Sundays are better than others. 

I'm sure over the next few months I will be adding to the list of ME and things in my life. So stay tuned!