Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wipe away notepad

Another pinterest favorite. Its simple, easy, quick and fun.
picture frame with glass
notebook paper
dry erase pen
  1. Take the back out of the picture frame and size the notebook paper to the frame.
  2. Cut the paper to fit inside the frame and place behind the glass. I cut the side with the holes, but its your preference.
  3. Put the back to the frame back and ENJOY!
I use it for morning notes and reminders to the fiance. I think its a cute way to let someone know how you feel or simple everyday things.
  • Write in a cute font something that will always be the begining of your note.
    • For example:
      •  I love you because...
      • Today...
      • I am...
      • I will...
      • To do
  • Add a pretty background to a plain piece of white or colored paper
    • Use some scrapbook paper behind a slightly smaller piece of plain paper
    • use a stencil to draw a border around the paper

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