Monday, February 20, 2012

3d Canvas painting

My friend has been feeling really down lately, and I haven't had much motivation/time to do any fun DIY projects.

After work last friday, my fiance and I wanted to get out of the house and have dinner together. So off to Hometown Buffet we went! haha. We love food and lots of different kinds are just right up our alley. Michaels craft store is right next door, so I thought I would just stop in and window shop for some fun crafts to do over the weekend.

Thats where I found some wood cut-out figures and their canvas sale. So I picked up a few wood birds, some paint, martha stewart stencil set and a 2 pack canvas.

I originally wanted to grab some letters spelling out her name, but they didn't have all the letters I needed. So I grabbed the stencil in place of the wood letters.

There are tons of different shapes, letters and cut outs that you could do any design or story you wanted. I wanted to contrast two of my friends favorite colors.

First I painted the canvas in a design that would allow me to alternate the wood cutout colors as well.
Then I painted the wood cut outs in the same two colors.
Once the Canvas was completely dry I placed the stencil I wanted to use and used a sponge paint  brush to apply the color. And last I used super glue to place the birds where I wanted them.

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