Sunday, January 15, 2012

Save the Dates on the Way

I wanted something different for our save the dates. The wedding it outside and its minimal. No flowers other than the wildflowers that grow there.

Our wedding is more about fun and being together than formalities. No tuxes, just black wranglers and camo cumberbuns. (I believe thats what those are called, the vests)

I saw the cutest picture on pinterest for an amazing save the date.
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But since I didnt have anyone around to photograph us, I improvised and created this.

I tried taking the picture with my phone, but the pixels werent large enough so when i would put it on the postcard it was blurry. So I went back to the drawing board and used my regular camera. But I still wanted the toy camera effect, so I looked around on line for a program that would alter the photo for me. The program is Toy Camera Analog.

After I got the picture all squared away I used to order my save the date postcards. They should be coming in a few weeks.

(I got the idea for postcards from a website my fiance, davy, found for me giving away coupons for companies and DIY tips for weddings. Its an awesome website, not just for weddings but for everyday items and ideas as well. I recommend it!)

My next step is to make my own invitations. This is gunna be a piece of cake....

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