Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fabric Bracelets Gone Wild

I wanted to do a post, showing you how to create the bracelets I have been making. 
The first step is to choose the fabrics that you want to use. You can layer the fabrics, like in a few of the ones I made using the same steps except one minor adjustment. So go crazy and mix and patch patterns and fabrics.
In the order of how they were made.
1st on the bottom and moving up.

I apologize for the quality and lack of pictures for some steps. I kept forgetting to take pictures inbetween steps, so you may notice that some of the fabrics change. Its not just you, I had to keep making bracelets so I could get some of the shots I needed.

Once you have chosen the fabrics you want to use, measure your wrist, with a piece of string or ribbon. 
Use the ribbon to measure out on the fabric before you cut. Make sure that you give an allowance for folding over the edges and stitching them together.

 For the bottom piece I add an extra 1.5 inches to the width, but keep the lengths the same. That way when everything is stitched and folded out the bottom fabric sticks out some from under the top layer.

Once everything is all cut out, fold each piece in half. Then stitch the two ends together.  Once each piece is stitched put the stitched ends together and stitch those together.  

If you have taken the path of more than 2 fabrics, follow the same steps for the first one, but before you sew the second one together, in the middle of the second piece stitch the first on. Then proceed with sewing the edges of that piece together. Do the same as the first and second for the second and third. Continue if more than 3 pieces.  (Please refer to the pictures. It’s hard to explain without it sounding complicated. In the picture you can see I sewed the second piececlosed, but you can get the idea.)
After they are sewn together unfold them and place the stitched part in the middle of the two fabrics. Once you have them set in the way you want them to stay stitch the ends of the bracelet separately. 

With the edges sewn, take a eyelet setter and punch holes in the fabric above the stitching on the edge of the fabric. You can either punch one hole on a each side, or 2. Insert the eyelet and then set.

You can use anything you want to fasten the bracelet. I use ribbon because I thought it looked cute. But I’m finding out that it’s VERY hard to tie if you are by yourself, so I will need to explore ways to fasten the bracelets closed.  My next attempt may be buttons. I think that would look extremely cute.

What do you think would be cute to use for fasteners?

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