Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting back to the grind

Its been much to long since I was able to break out the sewing machine and get crafty. So after the wedding, honeymoon and holidays passed I was really itching to get back into blogging and some diy projects I had planned. 

So as one of my new years resolutions I wanted to blow off the dust and start making my magic.  Haha or something like that. 

A few things that I have started are:

1. A journal for all of the projects I want to try/do.

2. Got more support from the hubby towards what I want to get accomplished. 

3. Am using pinterest as a main staple for my projects.  This allows me to venture into un-charted territories and give feedback on awesome things we see on there. 

4. (This goes along with the last one, but I think warrents it's own bullet) Trying to expand my talents. For example trying things I never actually thought of doing; upholstering, painting of furniture..etc.

5. More eager to start and continue something important to me. 

6. Ending on an even number!

1 comment:

  1. YAY!!!!! SO GLAD YOU'RE BLOGGING again! Can't wait to see what new things you'll come out with!!