Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hootin' Cupcakes

I saw these on... yes, Pinterest. (you just can't beat it)

Please excuse the quality of the photo. I took it through the cover of the carrier.

I wanted to make some friends of mine something special for all their help and awesomeness the last few months. So I thought I would make awesome cupcakes!!

They are super easy and fun to make.

Cupcake mix (any flavor you want)
Cupcake trays
Reeces candies

1. Bake your cupcakes and allow them to completely cool before frosting them.

2. While your waiting for the cupcakes to cool, prepare the oreos by taking them apart. and seperating the candies by color. (the brown for the eyes and orange for the beaks.)

3. Frost the cupcakes and put each half of the oreo's side by side and add a little frosting to the brown candies and apply them to the center of the oreos.

4. Add an orange candy in between the two oreos and VWALLAH!!


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